Nature is Central to Wellbeing

World Environment Day provides an excellent moment to reflect on the direction of travel we are collectively embarked upon, and to consider what might be some of the most important questions as we chart our course toward the future.
One thing that is ever more clear is how it is unwise to continue as we are.

If I Were Prime Minister

“Integration, integration, integration”. That would be my slogan, because too much of what doesn’t work arises from how we often organize ourselves in an unintelligent ways – in policy silos, rather than seeing the bigger picture.

New Technologies Can Help Poor Farmers - Just Not The Ones You're Thinking Of

Modern technology has a lot to offer small farmers in poor countries - just not the GMOs and pesticides that are widely touted. But how about film, digital communications and smart phones? These new media can empower farmers and allow them to share knowledge and experience of how to produce more, from less.