Taking 'Control of Our Borders' After Brexit: Would We Need 'Johnson's Wall' or 'Farage's Dyke'?

One of the most prominent rallying cries from those who’d have the UK depart the European Union is to take ‘control of our borders’. It sounds like a straightforward enough proposition, but it’s an overly simplistic argument that could potentially lead to our borders being far more difficult to control than they are now.
Today the UK has only one land border with another country.

COP21: Time to end fossil fuel subsidies

COP21 opened today in Paris with a focus on one of the international community's most serious oversights: the annual allocation of public subsidies worth hundreds of billions of dollars to artificially lower the price of oil, coal and gas.
While there is much talk in Paris about 'putting a price on carbon', many here believe that undoing the opposite signals that cut the price of carbon is the obvious place to begin.

Tackling Forest Fires Is Vital For Tackling Climate Change

In many countries the most visible symbols of climate change are linked with the fossil fuel economy. Gas guzzling 4X4 vehicles, expanding airports and coal-fired power plants understandably among them. But what of land and forests? For some nations the changing state of their natural systems is a bigger issue than their use of fossil-based energy.